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Lake Bolac P-12 College is situated in a rural township, 100 kilometres west of Ballarat and 55 kilometres south of Ararat in Victoria's Western District. The town boasts a 1,460 hectare freshwater lake which is ideal for boating, sailing and windsurfing as well as fishing. The town itself is dotted with historical sites. Lake Bolac has a sporting complex that features squash, tennis, bowls and an outdoor swimming pool. These activities are complemented by sports grounds used for football, cricket and netball.

A primary school was first established in the early 1860's and secondary education commenced in 1959. In 1919 a new primary facility was opened on adjacent land to the (then) high school site. In 1998 the primary and secondary schools merged to form the present P - 12 College. Currently 100 students are enrolled, with a majority being bus travellers from the surrounding district.
Lake Bolac is a tight knit community with a strong sense of identity. The community and the college give mutual support and location of the Kindergarten and improvements to the Boatshed are examples of the work of this partnership.

The College concentrates on the development of fundamental literacy and numeracy skills and the students are able to develop their interests and abilities in such fields as Science, Language Studies, Business Studies, Environmental Studies, Technology and the Arts. Through strong links with educational and vocational partners we offer students a comprehensive curriculum with a full range of pathways and place an emphasis on high standards of achievement. We are very proud of the excellent academic, sporting and artistic achievements of
our students over many years.

The College offers extensive extra-curricular programs which include whole school Performing Arts Productions, Instrumental Music, Life Education, and enjoys participating in local events such as the Eel Festival.

Located on the edge of Lake Bolac, the College makes use of the Lake and surrounding rural environment. The buildings and grounds of the College are ample and well maintained. The College also enjoys sharing nearby community facilities including the Aquatic (Boat) Club, Swimming Pool, Golf Course, Bush Nursing Centre, Local Hall, Information Centre and Library.

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